Aurachain Announces New Partnership with Telekom Romania


London, Zurich, Dubai, Bucharest – August 2020

Aurachain, a low-code development platform for both digital process and blockchain applications, today announced a new partnership with Telekom Romania, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies and provider of the T-Systems range of integrated solutions for business customers.

The partnership arises out of the successful implementation of the platform for the Romanian government; a solution to help furloughed workers claim financial support. Aurachain worked in partnership with Telekom Romania to deliver the project and both companies are delighted that an ongoing collaboration is now in place.

Aurachain will provide both blockchain and digital process applications to be immediately available as part of Telekom’s Romania Business Continuity strategy, initially including InterVote and WellnessHive; two solutions tailored specifically to address business issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

InterVote enables companies to take critical decisions in a compliant, auditable and touchless way, where a meeting vote is required and key personnel are in remote locations. Developed as a solution for Annual General Meetings and Emergency General Meetings to take place in a virtual environment where physical distancing protocols should be observed, InterVote’s functionality naturally extends to Board of Directors’ meetings and any other format where critical strategic decisions need to be made. The application securely automates a voting mechanism and provides an auditable log of the meeting agenda, attendees, and the outcome of each vote through an immutable record stored on a blockchain.

For more information about InterVote, a solution brief is available here.

Meanwhile, WellnessHive allows organizations to manage the ongoing health, productivity, and availability of a distributed workforce. Companies are able to set up the digital app to generate a continuous feedback loop with their workforces, monitoring various aspects, impacting both their ability to work and their general productivity. From here, the system provides an automated form of real-time “triage”, isolating, prioritizing, and distributing responses from various members of the organization. WellnessHive provides overstretched HR departments and business management a single tool for highlighting where support is most needed for both workforces that are virtualized and those that are starting to reintroduce employees to office environments.


Every small or big business and also the public sector needs to accelerate the digitization process, as it is more relevant than ever in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We made a promise here, at Telekom, to keep Romania connected through this difficult period. Congruent to this purpose, we invested in technology and experts to support companies with IT&C solutions in the most efficient way, tailored to their specific needs. To deliver our promise, we collaborate with strong, trustworthy partners, guided by the same beliefs and objectives. Therefore, we chose to collaborate with Aurachain, so that to support together both the business environment and the public sector in their digitization process.

– said Andreea CRAMER, Marketing Business Segment Romania Director, Telekom Romania.

Applications such as Intervote, WellnessHive and the platform for Romania are clear illustrations of the power of Aurachain’s low-code rapid application development platform. All were deployed for production in less than two weeks, supporting both complex functional requirements and rigorous user loads. Each application is a proof of Aurachain’s ability to markedly reduce delivery time, while supporting both small and enterprise grade applications in a highly responsive and effective way

– Adela Wiener, CEO at Aurachain


About Telekom

Telekom Romania is a dynamic brand, offering fixed and mobile innovative communication services to a broad customer community.


The company’s solutions open a world of infinite opportunities to share the beauty of life together with families, friends, partners, colleagues and other citizens.

Telekom’s mission is to enrich people’s lives, by offering them fixed and mobile integrated services, latest technologies like 4G, optical fibre, as well as Internet TV which brings users a new entertainment experience, with access to exclusive and quality content, on all screens, and advanced interactive features. Telekom Romania is the trusted partner for companies, providing them with complete communications and IT&C solutions. Telekom’s network is bringing together people, machines and content, connecting them for a better, safer, simpler future.

Telekom is a brand pertaining to Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies.