Aurachain and Leading Point will Drive Business Transformation in Financial Markets


London, UK – January 2021

Aurachain, provider of the leading low-code application development platform for automation of both digital process and blockchain applications, today announced a value-added partnership with the highly regarded UK digital transformation company, Leading Point. The agreement will see Aurachain’s low-code platform combine with Leading Point’s pedigree as an operational change agent in the financial services sector, to introduce a brand-new set of strategic business transformation offerings to client organizations.

The new collaboration will drive further accelerated automation initiatives and unlock doors to entirely new transformation possibilities for organizations within the financial sector. The partnership will combine the power of Aurachain’s low-code platform, which has distributed ledger technology (DLT) capabilities built-in, with the strong business transformation and project management expertise of Leading Point that specializes in delivering accelerated business deliverables.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Aurachain. Together, we can provide a unique mix of outstanding implementation services and innovative software,” said Dishang Patel, Founding Partner at Leading Point. “Aurachain was the standout choice for us, not only because of their rapid process in the application space; but because of their world-class management team, as we believe a business’s success comes from the passion of its people. Our strong belief is that the combination of low-code and DLT enablement can transform Tokenization in multiple markets and sectors. We look forward to working together to help businesses improve accuracy whilst speeding up processes.”

Dishang Patel, Founding Partner at Leading Point

“We are genuinely excited by our new partnership with Leading Point. The organization brings a top-flight management team, a reputation for quality and professionalism, and will heighten the value of Aurachain-built applications through its extensive knowledge of operations in the financial services sector.” said Jonathan Wiener, CRO at Aurachain. “More so, our two organizations maintain a shared vision that business transformation should be not only rapid, but meaningful: in essence opening the door to entirely new modes of operation within financial markets.”


The Aurachain low-code platform will enable Leading Point customers to accelerate digital initiatives by delivering new digital process applications up to 80% faster than traditional development methods, with participation from Leading Point SMEs and delivery experts to ensure all target client architectures meet specific business requirements. Furthermore, the platform’s ability to build and deploy applications on Distributed Ledger Technology, will empower Leading Point customers to explore the potential of tokenization within their respective markets for increased liquidity of existing assets and entirely new revenue streams that can be unlocked.

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