Say hello to the Aurachain Academy!


Zurich, Switzerland – February 7, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of an online learning & training platform, addressed to all Aurachain partners and users that wish to learn how to perfect their business processes with Aurachain – the only low-code rapid development platform for blockchain applications.

The educational program, named Aurachain Academy, is open for registration to all Aurachain partners and users, giving them the possibility to enroll in guided learning paths, with dedicated courses for each role played within the platform. Each course culminates in an online test, that certifies them as accredited users of the Aurachain platform when completed successfully.

The Aurachain Academy portal gives registered users access to a private area where they can connect with our expert trainers, receive updates anytime a new course, learning material, or webinar is available, see their achievements and complete courses at their own pace.

Here they can also access our comprehensive Knowledge Base, consisting of a library of articles, a web help manual, and a large video library of step-by-step tutorials to help them master every module of our platform.


With the launch of the Aurachain Academy, we want to help our partners and users to expand their know–how and take their app-building skills to the next level so that they can create amazing applications and perfect their automated processes.“ – Ramona Sammouh, VP of Customer Success

We invite all our partners and users to Discover, Engage and Create with the Aurachain Academy program and Get Started by setting up their accounts.