Low-Code App That Reduced The Turnaround Time on Job Retention Claims


Aurachain, the only low-code development platform on the market for global businesses to create both digital process applications and blockchain-hosted smart contracts, today announced a new set of statistics that demonstrate the success of its aici.gov.ro solution for the Romanian Government.

The aici.gov.ro platform, developed exclusively on the Aurachain low-code platform and launched earlier this year, was specifically designed to help Government institutions rapidly and securely process high volumes of Job Retention Scheme claims.

Aurachain is proud that, to date (October 2020), aici.gov.ro has helped over 240,000 companies, registered sole traders, authorized Persons and those working on Copyright Contracts that have registered on the platform to access financial support from the Romanian Government, whereby 75% of the average gross salary is paid by the State.


After only 5 months from the launch date of the solution, over 813,000 requests have been registered on the platform, with the largest number of applications coming on 4th May 2020, with 48,685 in a single day.

The streamlined digital process means that Government institutions have proven to be much more responsive in handling the large numbers of applications, with an average response time of 1.5 days per application compared to the previous average of 10 days.

The solution achieves this 85% improvement in turnaround time by automating the entire claim and approval process and as part of that process, documents are scanned and digitally signed through an online signing service in order to deliver support to businesses quickly while minimizing face-to-face interactions between people to eliminate the chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus.