New Partnership: Agile Business Process and Aurachain

Agile Business Process _and_Aurachain_form_parnership

Zurich May 2019

Agile Business Process (ABP) of the UK, a multinational provider of cross sector, process automation solutions, has announced that it will use the Aurachain platform, to start delivering blockchain applications for its clients.  

Leveraging the Aurachain platform for rapid development of digital process applications and smart contracts, on blockchain, Agile will use the platform to implement customer solutions that promote process continuity and trust based interactions between their clients and their clients’ external ecosystem of customers, vendors and trading partners.  

The platform will support accelerated, but controlled deployments of client solutions that leverage the inherent value of blockchain networks.

“The Aurachain platform presents a tremendous opportunity for both Agile and our clients.”, says Jorge Soares, CEO of Agile. “For Agile, this represents an extension of our product portfolio and core organizational competency, into the promising arena of blockchain. More so, we can now offer our clients a means to achieve a broader type of process automation value, through trust based collaboration with their external universe of ecosystem partners.”  

“Aurachain is excited by Agile’s decision to leverage our platform for their expansion into the blockchain application space.” said Jon Wiener, CRO of Aurachain. “They are an outstanding organization with a long and deep track record of success, delivering process automation solutions, across clients in financial services, legal and government sectors, to name some. With Agile, we know we’re gaining a partner that first and foremost understands that technology must be applied for operational purpose. More so, an organization that knows how to make that happen in a meaningful way, on behalf of their clients. We look forward to aligning with Agile as partners in our respective growth.” 

About Agile Business Process

Leveraging thousands of hours of experience delivering successful digital transformation projects, Agile Business Process ( ABP specializes in developing tailored and “fit for purpose” process automation solutions for their clients ).​

Believing that processes are the heartbeat of any organization, Agile delivers best in class process automation solutions that result in tangible performance metrics, continuous improvement and improved customer experiences.​

The Agile team possesses comprehensive knowledge across all areas of business process improvement, enabling them to provide an extensive set of services, covering all key methodologies and technologies in this field. Agile is recognized by clients, partners and analysts as one of the top players in the Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotics (RPA) markets.​

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