Aurachain’s CEO in the Top 10 Most Impactful Women in Tech


Aurachain CEO, Adela Wiener, was recently highlighted by Analytics Insight, in their December 2020 Magazine issue, as one of the Most Impactful Women in Tech Industry in 2020.

The issue recognizes ten outstanding women leaders, as trendsetters in the technology sector, who are driving innovation and changing industries across different verticals with their inquisitive thirst for enabling and empowering the world with digital capabilities.

A Futuristic Leader

low_code_quotes_Adela_WienerAs Founder and CEO, Adela Wiener has committed over 15 years to the development and global growth of Aurachain, a company with the sole purpose of making it easier and faster for companies to build and launch innovative business applications. In 2019, Aurachain officially launched the Aurachain low-code platform, a product designed to accelerate enterprise process applications delivery at a lower cost and with reduced skill-set requirements.

The platform is de/smartfabric-becomes-aurachain-along-with-the-launch-of-its-latest-3-0-release/signed to make the contribution of expertise in any business application building across an organization as easy as possible. Under Adela’s guidance, Aurachain became a platform with unparalleled ease-of-use at any level of expertise, either as a subject matter expert using visual drag and drop tools to help map out a process flow or as a professional developer who steps in to configure an API. Everyone benefits from a stunning user experience optimized for their specific contributions. This, combined with the power of automated code generation on a fully managed platform that falls within IT governance frameworks, means that organizations can develop and deploy innovative solutions across the business at lightning speed for significant gains in operational efficiency.

The business leaders in any organization are aware of the problems they face and more often than not they will have some amazing ideas on how to solve them. What they traditionally lack is the time and resources to implement what could be innovative, game-changing solutions; whether at a departmental level or across the enterprise. Now, low-code technology drastically reduces the time it takes to create an application since a lot of code can be automated, rather than hand-written – both saving time and freeing key resources from unnecessary, time-heavy tasks. Meanwhile, the Aurachain platform’s unmatched user experience makes it easier than ever before for your experts across the business to turn those great ideas that were constantly getting sidelined into realities that can really make a difference.” – said Adela Wiener, CEO of Aurachain.

You can read all about Aurachain’s story and about the future our CEO, Adela Wiener, envisions and relentlessly pursues on page 48 of Analytics Insight magazine: read the featured interview.

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