2021 In Review: A Look At Our Top Achievements

2021 Year-End Highlights

As the year 2021 comes to an end, here we are again, being able to look back with pride at our achievements. Despite yet another difficult year, which posed new hurdles for everyone, we accomplished a great deal. Not just us as a team, but also our customers and partners who were brave enough to embark on their digitalization journey.

Let’s take a look at some of 2021’s achievements and highlights:

1. Aici.gov.ro reached its first year

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, aici.gov.ro government portal, built to support the Job Retention Scheme in Romania, has been drastically reducing the turnaround time on furlough claims thanks to Aurachain’s end-to-end low-code application.

Businesses may now claim critical financial assistance for their employees more quickly and easily thanks to Aurachain.


The aici.gov.ro portal, which was built entirely on the Aurachain low-code platform, is 85% quicker. The entire solution was completed in about 10 days and was capable of processing up to two applications per second once it went online. In 1 year the solution scaled out to support 18 urgent measures taken by the Romanian Government. A total of 1,071,885 requests across the 18 urgent measures supported have been received and processed on the platform thus far.

Read our customer story to find out more about how the job retention scheme portal was implemented and the success it had in such a critical time for both citizens and government institutions.

Romania-Government- Customer-success-story

2. New digitalization initiatives were developed

  • CEC Bank Sets a New Standard of Excellence in the Banking Industry


CEC Bank partnered with Aurachain to speed up the bank’s digital transformation, which is now focused on three areas. The first goal is to build an integrated system for monitoring and maintaining the bank’s ATM and POS fleet; the second is to allow SMEs to establish accounts online; and the third is to implement online trade financing solutions for SME’s.

These three projects were executed this year and complement CEC Bank’s existing digitization activities for private persons, such as online account opening and online personal loans available through CEC In, CEC Bank’s virtual shop.

Read full article here.

  • Proactis to Enhance their Solutions Portfolio


This year, Aurachain announced that Proactis, an international spend management firm, will leverage its low-code platform to expand their market-leading solutions offering.

Proactis will benefit from the Aurachain low-code platform since it will allow them to produce and update client solutions much faster than before, improve their client user experience, and lower the cost of maintaining their code base in the future.

See press release.

  • Leading Point will Drive Business Transformation in Financial Markets


By partnering with Aurachain, Leading Point will provide a new set of strategic business transformation services to clients.
The new alliance will speed up automation initiatives and allow financial institutions to evolve in new ways. The deal combines Aurachain’s low-code platform with DLT capabilities with Leading Point’s business transformation and project management expertise to offer faster business results.

Read press release.

  • Depanero Accelerates the Digitization of Processes


Depanero, an European leading electro-IT service provider and a member of the Naspers group, is using the Aurachain low-code platform to accelerate its operational automation goal.

Depanero’s plan to provide a simpler and faster experience to its consumers includes integrating Aurachain’s low-code technology. Depanero will automate a wide range of processes with the aid of apps built on the Aurachain platform, which will integrate numerous systems such as SAP, APIs, and BI Tools. Low-code will aid Depanero in streamlining everything from the simplest to the most complicated procedures, such as creating spare parts inventories, delivery AWBs, and invoicing.

Read press release.

3. We are always working to improve our platform

The product improved significantly during the course of the year. We’re quick, we’re agile, and we listen to our customers.


Here are a few significant enhancements you may now enjoy with Aurachain:

  • Face/ID recognition stages are now possible thanks to a new component in the Interface Builder.
  • Enhanced platform connectivity with two new external systems.
  • New and improved autonomous sign-up experience for end-users.
  • Streamlined dynamic document creation with an easier configuration of large tables and lists in the Document Builder.
  • Connect to APIs using self-signed certificates with a new SSL Certificate Management system.
  • Introducing new Accessibility settings that allow visually impaired users to engage with Aurachain applications and perform tasks.

See our release notes.

4. Our experts

We had a lot to say this year – from low-code to collaboration, to blockchain, the pandemic, and digital changes. Our executive team has been highlighted in a variety of international media outlets, including:

  • Digital democratization through low-code – the future of finance success
    With the road to digital transformation being a need for all firms, the banking sector is facing the most pressure to automate workflows. However, many are confronted with hefty initial investments, a lack of resources, and sophisticated code. Jonathan Wiener, Chief Revenue Officer at Aurachain, explains why digital democratization is the best option. Read more…
  • Deploy Your Digital Solutions Faster with Aurachain Low-Code Platform
    “The low-code platform is ultimately how you can foster true collaboration between leaders and developers through the development process. Without such a platform, you are solely relying on professional developers to write lines of code by hand. That takes time, and it can be prone to errors. This means that applications that you need today are being delivered months down the line.” – said Adela Wiener, Founder and CEO of Aurachain. Read more…
  • From laggard to leapfrog
    “CEC embarked on a major digital transformation initiative two years ago. Today it is one of the fastest growing banks in Romania and pioneering several digital banking products. However, its digitalization is part of a belief that people should always come first. Digital is not a replacement for its branches (of which there are over 1,000). It is about enabling both genuine human connection and technology, together.” – said Adela Wiener, Founder and CEO of Aurachain. Read more…


Kudos for 2021. We’re ready for 2022!