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With game changing technology

A new blockchain experience

Blockchain workshop

A 2-day workshop that brings together executives and blockchain experts from Aurachain & Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) to explore how this game changing technology can be applied for immediate operational value and competitive advantage.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain technology  has the potential to disrupt numerous sectors of international commerce, streamline complex processes, reduce processing costs and also cut time and cost associated with vast networks of middlemen.
We, at Aurachain, understand how this game changing technology can be applied for immediate operational value and competitive advantage. By joining our capabilities with Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) experts, we can help you better understand and navigate the blockchain movement and implement it for tangible operational value.

How will this workshop help you?


Applied Blockchain for your business

Organizational impact

Competitive advantage

An understanding of blockchain as a potentially disruptive technology and where it is perceived to provide tangible operational benefit for the commercial enterprise.
An analysis on where and how blockchain can be implemented to positively impact various organization.


An understanding of what it means in practical technology terms to implement blockchain.
A working knowledge of the Aurachain platform, as a potential platform for blockchain enabling elements of their operational and financial organization areas.
A PoC that will address a component of your operational model, for review, demonstration and illustration to other stakeholders.

Workshop Agenda

  • DAY 1.


    Understanding of blockchain smart contracts and review of blockchain application operational model.

  • DAY 2.


    Blockchain automation made simple. Components and considerations in blockchain automation & enablement with Aurachain platform.

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  • Lifetime.

    Business value

    Shaking up how business is done. The Power of Decentralization and the Blockchain Revolution.

Who We Are

Aurachain is a globally recognized enterprise software company, that delivers an innovative low-code business platform for the creation of enterprise – grand apps that can be also blockchain-enabled in a highly cost effective manner.

Recognized by Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) as an innovative low-code enterprise platform. Aurachain uses blockchain techology to transform industries worldwide by streamlining complex processes, reduce processing costs and cut time and cost associated with vast networks of middleman.

Expense Reduction Analysts – Netherlands (ERA) –  is a solutions-driven supplier relationship management consultancy, able to optimise our clients’ relationships with their supply chains to provide best value – and the best solution in a wide range of overhead and direct cost areas.

Our projects deliver efficiency solutions for clients in our core vertical market segments through more effective stakeholder engagement, needs analysis, supplier identification, tender management and ongoing supplier relationship management methodologies.


Jonathan Wiener

Has over 25 years of experience developing high growth companies across the global tech field. Over the past 8 years, Mr. Wiener has lead Aurachain’s global expansion efforts, working with clients across 16 countries, to help achieve significant operational and financial benefits, through state-of-the-art digital transformation initiatives.


Razvan Turtureanu

After taking on a variety of professional roles (IT Infrastructure Manager, System Architect, EAI Manager, Cloud Architect) and being involved in global, multi-platform, enterprise projects (for oil&gas companies, financial services, airlines and governments), Razvan received the CTO mandate, to drive Aurachain next growth stage.

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