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The development of blockchain technology will disrupt numerous sectors of the international commerce; none more significantly than the banking sector. Therefore, the technology is predicted to be transformational, streamlining complex processes, reducing processing costs and cutting time and cost associated with vast networks of middleman.


This view is widely held, even by the banks themselves: the blockchain technology in banking is safe, secure, decentralized and transparent, as well as cheaper.


Yet the real optimism lies in the potential application of the technology to improve areas such as KYC and identity management, international payments, reduction of fraud and trade finance, to name some. It is there, at the application level, that Aurachain is looking to make a difference.


By using the Aurachain low code, rapid application development platform, a client bank can  leverage the benefits of both low-code process automation and enterprise blockchain. That quickly enable its most urgent business transformation initiatives.   


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The team that now developed Aurachain has been with us throughout our growth. It kept up with changes, it has scaled with us, quietly in the background, and it produced value without us having to change something. They truly work like a Swiss watch.

Peter Roberts
CIO Gulf Bank